Sunday, October 24, 2010

All True Edward Gorey Fans

wanted Siobhan Magnus to win American Idol.

Presumably the competition is rigged, because she had the best pipes--her voice a cross between that of Sheena Easton and Linda Rondstadt--and Siobhan is as gifted as either of those pop divas.

Also she had to have had the best voice, because she had this Edward Gorey tattoo on her bicep.

That's Gorey logic.

Why is this guy shouting? Are we deaf?


  1. My dream was to collaborate with Gorey. When he died, I thought my dream died too, but then I realized the great power in collaborating with The Great Unknown. I dialed in his magical Ghost and put The Alphabet song as the music to "Gashlycrumb Tinies"


  2. Thank You Curtis. I'm too sad/dsorietned to look at your creation now but when I"m better ( I hope) i iwll look roward to it. Bill